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IP Precise, LLP offers a full range of intellectual property services not only in the United States, but worldwide through a long-established network of leading foreign intellectual property firms. In addition to preparation and prosecution of patent and trademark applications, transactional and licensing services, we are experienced in the less frequently encountered areas of intellectual property law as required by certain sophisticated and complex aspects of some of our clients’ businesses. Please note we do not litigate IP applications. To learn more about what each service entails, please visit our online Resource Center.
Wherever you find innovation, you’ll find us. We provide world-class IP services across a spectrum of industries, combining technical expertise and business experience to deliver creative, effective solutions that further our clients’ goals.
For start-ups and mature businesses alike, patents can be used to fuel growth, expand into new markets, and attract major investments. While a robust patent portfolio can detail a company’s inventions and business objectives, the scope of coverage the patent portfolio affords can be extremely complex and difficult to understand.
Innovation is blind to borders and boundaries. That’s why at IP Precise we have fostered a strong relationship with many international communities. Ask around, they know about us. IP Precise maintains a true global presence, representing clients and their interests in nearly every country in the world, and helping them achieve their international market and strategic goals.
We are the only full service Business-Production and Legal Services entity in Hollywood, CA available for all Filmmakers whether big or small. We provide legal counsel and film business strategic consulting services from Development to Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production and the Distribution phase of the filmmaking process.